Wolfgang 1167 AirMusic system

1167 Air Music
1167 Air Music

Enjoy everywhere wireless audio without cables !

  • The Wolfgang Air Music enables you to listen to the music from your audio collection, your whole house through on every stereo set. You simply stream the music to every room of your home.
  • You can enjoy wireless audio without the annoying abundance of cables. You can even use the system as an independant stereo set by directly connecting speakers to the larger unit.
  • Furthermore you can use Internet audio services like Aupeo, SHOUTcast and TuneIn Radio.
  • The system consists of three major parts : a network bridge, a streamer with built-in audio end stage (2 x 20W RMS), and a streamer without final amplifier. The bridge should be connected to a router to install the Air Music Network. This bridge could be positioned anywhere in the home, as long as it is wired up to the router.
  • A soon as the Air Music Network is established, the streamers can be wirelessly connected, and positioned anywhere in the home.
  • If everything is connected, the music can be operated from an application on your iPhone, your iPod touch, iPad or Android device.

  • Plug & Play : simple installation to enjoy your music everywhere in your home.
  • plays simultaneously several streams to different zones.
  • stream from your PC or NAS to a stereo system.
  • supports Apple Air Play (with Airport Express), WiFi WPS/WCNeasy setup.
  • can be operated from an Apple or Android app from your phone or tablet.
  • supports DLNA and all popular audio formats.
  • dimensions :
    • WiFi bridge : 74 x 51 x 15 mm
    • streamer with LF end amplifier : 132 x 102 x 36 mm
    • streamer with pre-amplifier : 130 x 95 x 35 mm
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