Paying in advance

To order an article from the webshop, it is necessary to pay the total amount due in advance.
To minimize transaction fees, please use only the new European SEPA international transaction form (with BIC and IBAN numbers)

Our bank account information is as follows :

Fortis Bank


IBAN code : BE07 0016 7657 4066

on behalf of Teknihall Benelux, Brusselstraat 33 in B-2321 Meer, Belgium.

Please refer clearly to the webshop order, or indicate which article(s) you want to be delivered. Because address information often is not transferred between banks, please mention your address again in the comment field.

We are very happy to be honoured with your order, and will move heaven and earth to deliver the desired article as soon as possible at your doorstep.

If this would suit you in a better way, you can also collect your order at our counter. This way, you do not have to pay in advance, but please bring along the exact money.